FASTEST ROOFERS EVER – 2:30 minutes to Strip and Replace a 25 Square

Average cost of new roof installation like this one is between 00 and 00 or 8 – 4 per square. Estimate cost of new roof at

See a complete roof installation from start to finish:
In the morning a crew comes to jobsite.

1) Roofers tear off 1 olayer of old ashpalt shingles and felt underlayment.

2) Crew installs the new Ice and Water Shield Barrier (to prevent ice dams) along rofo eaves and 30 lb felt over the rest of roof deck. This is a secondary waterproofing layer.

3) Crew brings 75 bundles of new roof shingles up on the roof (3 bundles per square). These shingles weight approximately 5000 lbs.

4) crew installes new architectural asphalt shingles with air gun nailing, cleans up all debris, packs up and goes home.

An entire day in the life of a roofing crew in 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Learn the benefits of roof tear off and plywood repaier –