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In the world of technology, 9 years is an eternity. After all those years of reliable service, the time had finally come to move on from our DataStorm internet satellite dish to a MiFi device.

But what would we do about the holes that would be left behind when we removed the dish from our roof?

We show you how we patched the holes in our fiberglass roof, but you can do the same thing on just about any RV, including rigs with metal or “rubber” roofs (TPO or EPDM).

Dicor self-leveling lap sealant is available here:

Eternabond tape is available here:
2″ x 50′ Roll:
4″ x 50′ Roll:
6″ x 50′ Roll:

Turtle Wax Polishing Compound is available here (good choice as it does NOT include any waxes that could affect adherence of the Eternabond tape):

Watch our video about how to prevent RV roof leaks before they start:

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