1. First, the existing shingles being removed are cut just above the “keyways” with a hook blade knife, then the roofing nails are carefully removed so as not to tear the shingles.

2. Next, the nails on the leaking plastic pipe collar are removed with a pry bar — then the collar itself is removed.

3. After cleaning the surface and installing two new base shingles, the new collar is placed over the PVC pipe and secured with 1-1/4″ roofing nails.

4. A sealing bead of Geocel Tripolymer Sealant is placed in a circular ark around the collar as an added barrier to water and wind driven rain.

5. New Certainteed XT25 shingles are properly cut and nailed into place.

6. Shingle tabs are sealed with Geocel to prevent leaks and “blow offs”.

Note: The replacement shingles installed by look slightly “off color” due to the packing material used in the manufacturing process; one light rain and the shingles will match the old ones almost perfectly.