Video walkthrough of looking at the tile roof, replacing 3 roofing tiles, re-adhering 5 sliding roofing tiles, repairing 4 more roofing tiles.

—Looking at the whole concrete tile roof to see what all needs to be done.
—Replacing 3 concrete roofing tiles by removing existing, pulling nails, sealing nails, then foam adhering a roofing tile back in place.
—5 roofing tiles are sliding down from in front of a 4′ off ridge vent. Removing these roofing tiles, sealing the area with roofing cement, then re-adhering these roofing tiles with foam roof tile adhesive.
—4 more tiles that are broken we re-adhere these with adhesive. This type of adhesive comes out of a tube like caulking.

Practical Roofing Concepts YouTube Channel