| Starkweather Roofing repairs a ponding water area on a flat roof, redirecting the standing water back towards the drain by correcting the pitch using a product called RoofSlope.

Over time, standing water on a flat roof (also known as ponding) will deteriorate your roof, eventually causing leaks, damage to the roof deck, and can ultimately cause damages to the contents of the building below.

A ponding area becomes noticeable when a pool of water hasn’t drained or dissipated from the roof surface 72 hours or more after a rain, or from other water sources like a cooler or air conditioning condensation line or pan.

Ponding around drain areas can also occur due to debris or loose granules blocking the ability of the water to properly drain, which can be simply cleaned and removed.

A ponding water area can also be a result of pitching issues on the roof surface itself. To repair a roof pitch issue, depending on the specific circumstances and condition of your building Starkweather Roofing can address the problem through a variety of methods. We can install crickets to redirect water, add additional drains, widen your existing drains, or reduce the depth of the ponding area to help standing water evaporate faster or simply move properly to the drain.

For the corner section of the roof of this building, redirecting the ponding water back towards the drain was the best method. Starkweather Roofing chose to install RoofSlope – a cost effective solution for correcting inadequate drainage without compromising the integrity of the existing roof.

RoofSlope is an acrylic modified cementitious sloping material designed to create auxilary slope over various roofing membranes to divert water flow to drains, scuppers, or an outside edge.

The contents of the bucket are emptied directly onto the ponding water area, then evenly distributed and smoothed out with a trowel. A screed board is used to ensure an appropriate slope towards the drain. Additional material is applied along the new slope of the ponding area until the problem area is completely remediated. Granules are then broadcast onto the wet mixture to provide a grit consistent with the rest of the existing roof system.

After applying a base primer, a white, reflective, elastomeric roof coating is applied not only to provide an additional protective waterproofing layer to the RoofSlope material, but also to match the rest of the existing cool roof system. Starkweather Roofing technicians carefully ensure every corner is thoroughly covered and water tight. Finally, the drain area is re-coated as well to ensure a consistent, waterproof seal throughout the previously affected area.

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