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Howdy in this video, I am simply clowning my son Dan who when the first sign of magical whiskers appeared on his face, these whiskers in question mysteriously and magically transformed him into this all-knowing Obi won ka no bie or Wizards of Oz guys who are all knowing and with infinite knowledge.
I wonder how many other fathers have experienced this phenomenon?

Question, before I write on, how many of you men or women work with their sons and daughters, have noticed at certain age’s, they get this ability or blessing from God and become not only geniuses but prophets as well?

In this video, I explain a question I am often asked, why roofs fail?
Or is it O.K. to take the cement plaster to the roof shingles?
I could have let Dan my son explain this to you as he know’s everything; however, I would have nothing to do, so I told this question myself.

geniuses with magical whiskers
Life according to Kirk Giordano

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