You Save Money, Save Time, And Experience Greater Satisfaction When You Choose Dependable Roofer To Replace Your Roof. Visit our website for more info.

Dependable Roofer always removes the old shingles before installing the new roof. That way we can replace any deteriorated plywood that’s discovered after the shingles are removed.

Dependable Roofer makes necessary improvements to your ventilation so you can avoid the problems caused by poor ventilation.

Dependable Roofer installs waterproof underlayment in areas prone to leakage, like eaves, valleys, wall flashings, chimneys and pipe flashings.

We install new Drip Edge on all edges of the roof to guard against wood rot. Then we’ll install the felt paper.

You save money because you’ll never have to pay for repairs caused by wind damage. When Dependable Roofer installs your new roof system it will be designed to resist wind gusts up to 130 mph.

Your new roof system will include high quality products manufactured by CertainTeed.

The owner, Michael Lovett will be inspecting your roofing project.

Dependable Roofer assures that your new roof will be waterproof by replacing the pipe flashings, wall flashings and chimney flashings.

We will make sure your roof is well ventilated. Ridgevent is one of the most effective ways to ventilate your roof.