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Types Of Commercial Roofing Services

Do you own commercial property or plan on purchasing commercial property? If so, then sooner or later you will need commercial roofing services. It’s helpful to know what services a commercial roofing company typically offers. Below are some of the most popular commercial roofing services that you may need in the future.

New Construction

A commercial roofer provides services to new construction, which means they can install brand new roofs for people who are building a commercial business from the ground up. If you bought land or leasing land, and you want to build commercial property, then you will need a commercial roofer when the time comes to install a roof. Also, construction companies and architects often enlist the help of a roofer who specializes in commercial roofs, and they work with them to figure out what type of roof should be installed onto the property/properties being built.

An experienced roofing company can install high quality roofs for various types of commercial properties. For example, they can install roofs for hospitals being built, brand new schools and retail stores. Warehouses, manufacturing plants and office buildings are other commercial properties that a professional commercial roofer works on. It doesn’t matter what kind of commercial property is being a built, a qualified roofer will be able to install the right kind of roof for it.

Re-roofing And Restoration

A commercial property may need re-roofing services, and it doesn’t matter how small or large the project is, a good company will be able to do the job. A professional roofing company will usually inspect the roof and then make recommendations on what you should have done. If you choose re-roofing services, then the professional will help you determine which is the best roofing system and membranes to use, as there are many commercial systems to choose from. For example, some systems include BUR (built up) single ply and spray applied roof coatings to name a few.

When it comes to re-roofing and restoring a roof, a lot of care has to be taken. Remember, your property is an investment and this includes its roof. If you think your roof is looking old or looking like it could do with a restoration, then contact a professional commercial roofing company.

Roof Repairs

Commercial roofing services include making repairs to a roof. A good company can figure out what is wrong with your roof and fix the issue fast. If your roof is damaged and is in need of repairs, then don’t wait until the problem becomes worse. You want to hire a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

A professional roofer has the tools and equipment needed to find leaks in your roof and to fix them when they do find them. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have, if it is damaged, leaking or worn down, then you need a commercial roofer. They can perform a thorough inspection and then tell you if they found any issues and how they can fix those issues. You will also receive a quote, which means you’ll have an idea of how much you’ll have to pay.

Maintenance And Inspections

A commercial roof needs to be property maintained and a professional knows exactly what to do in order to ensure you get the most from your roof. Plus, most manufacturers recommend that their products receive some sort of maintenance and unless you’re a professional, you probably don’t know what to do in order to properly maintain your roof. A professional does though, which is exactly why you should hire one.

As previously mentioned, a professional roofer can perform an inspection of your roof, and this is something that you should have done at least 1-2 times per year. It doesn’t matter if your roof is brand new and it looks like its in working order because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, it’s best to catch potential problems as early as possible, so if you own a commercial building, then make sure you have it inspected at least once per year.

Emergency Repairs

Let’s face it, emergencies can occur at any given time, and it doesn’t matter when they occur, you will want to have it taken care of as soon as possible. Most commercial roofing companies realize this, which is why they offer emergency services. If your roof has suffer severe damage due to a storm or from wear and tear and now it’s posing a threat to your safety and to others’ safety, then it’s time to contact a professional roofer right away. You do not want to put this off.

What you want to do is explain what has happened and the company will send a professional to your property right away. They will assess the damage and get to work right away. Remember, it’s important to use a roofer that offers emergency services and is highly trained because you want to make sure your emergency is handled quickly and efficiently.

Hiring A Roofer

When it comes to hiring a commercial roofer, experience matters. You want to hire a company that has been in the business for a longtime, or one that has worked on many types of commercial roofs because the last thing you want is for them to mess something up. Also, a good company warrants their roofing products, so make sure you only do business with a roofer who offers a warranty for the work they perform. Price is important too, but it is not the most important thing, so don’t just choose the cheapest roofer.

If you need a commercial roofing company, then choose wisely because not all companies are created equal. You want to choose a company that has plenty of experience with installing and repairing commercial roofs, and you want to choose one that warrants their work. If you do this, then you can rest assure that your project will be taken care of the right way the first time around.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Services

Residential roofing requires continuous supervision, or it can become a real troublemaker. Many property owners talk about the concerns they have when it comes to the roof over their heads.

It is essential to be on top of things and make sure the roof does not become a problem.

Here are eight tips for property owners who want to remain careful and make the right decisions when it comes to the roof. As long as you focus on these tips, the roof should stay in good shape and not cause issues.

Have Professional Roof Inspections Done

The best place to start is with a professional service. You want to have someone who is going to come in for scheduled inspections for your roofing. This should happen at least twice a year to make sure things are running the way you want.

The first inspection should take place right after winter especially in areas where it snows. You want to take a look at the damage that might have been done. The next will happen exactly six months after this date. It will ensure you are getting a semi-annual check done on the roof.

Always Inspect Shingles

The worst damage is often done to the shingles because they are the top layer of your roof. It is this part of the roof that is going to take the brunt of any damage, and it is essential to be smart about this. You don’t want to leave these shingles in place without having a look at them.

It is important to at least look from afar to make sure the shingles are in place as they should be.

It will leave you confident about how the roof is doing in the short and long-term.

Clean Out Gutters

The gutters are going to be a mess, and it can be even worse for those who live in wintry conditions because of the ice and water accumulation. You want to be intelligent enough to keep an eye out on this. Don’t be afraid to send someone up there or go yourself.

You want to take a real look at the gutters and make sure they are as clean as you want them to be.

When you do this, you are going to ensure the edges of your roofing are not starting to chip away because you were impatient.

Assess For Water Damage


Water damage is not a good thing at all. You want to make sure water damage is not getting in the way of what you are doing. The roof is something you are not going to like at all. Be patient and make sure the water damage that is coming in removed immediately.

The one thing that you should do is look at the surface of the roof as that is going to be the place where water damage chips away.

Inspectors from a professional roofing service will be able to look at this for you and make sure things are as they should be.

Don’t Be Afraid To Remodel

There are people who think they should just repair the roof and not remodel it. Is that the way to think for property owners? No, you want to be smart to realize that sometimes it is better to replace the roof and invest now instead of repairing something that will break down again in a few months.

Don’t just keep going with band-aid solutions as you might be doing a lot of damage in the long-term.

The roof is a part of the property, so you want to be aware of how it is doing and whether repairs will be enough as they often aren’t.


Maintenance Is Easier Than Repairs


This is the most important tips you are going to read when it comes to the information here. You will want to focus on prevention as a property owner. Don’t be the person who is always getting repair work done because that is costly and you are not going to like how it hits your pocket hard.

You want to be a person that can maintain with ease and not get into trouble.

When you are always repairing the roof, you are going to have bills that are not worth it at all. Be smart and get out in front of your roofing issues.

Think About Curb Appeal

Too many people forget you are going to want the roof to look aesthetic. Think about this as you are finding a new solution if that is the direction you are going in. You want to think about curb appeal as that will do a lot for the value of your property and what people have to say about it.

You don’t want to have a whacky roof that is not worth it and is something that detracts from the value of your property.

Be smart and invest in something that fits your house.

Be Patient

You don’t want to be a person that is impatient. You want to be a person that is on top of things because it will save you a lot of money down the road. You can often see individuals who are not patient. This is when you are going to hate how things unfold.

Patience is key as you are looking to handle the roofing of your house. It will help the decision-making process along the way.

Roofing is all about understanding its importance. Those who know they have to look after it will already be ahead of most property owners. You don’t want to be the one person who could care less and doesn’t even look at the roof. You want to have scheduled inspections in place because it reduces the stress on your mind.

Plus, you will know the roof is not going to fall or start to break up. Being ahead of this is going to be a positive for you now and in the future.

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